This small warbler (only 12 cm) nests in our region in low and dense scrubland (“garrigue”). Sedentary and therefore present throughout the year, but sensitive to cold, its population fluctuates and can be decimated during severe winters. In summer it feeds mainly on caterpillars, beetles, flies and spiders. In winter its diet is probably supplemented by vegetable matter: various grass seeds, berries and grains seem to attract small groups of warblers.

Conservation objectives

This species has been declining in Europe for some twenty years, especially in the Iberian peninsula where its habitats are gradually shrinking. In France, it still occurs but  its numbers fluctuate sharply and need monitoring.

Reproduction periode

April to Juin


> Declining food supply due to gradual loss of open habitats

> Destruction of habitat due to urban development

> Use of pesticides (poisoning of food)

> Disturbance or even destruction of nests (close to the ground) by walkers, cyclists, vehicles, dogs off the leash…