The colourful European Roller could pass for an exotic bird but is actually a European species. It nests in the cavities of old trees or houses and is considered to be a bio-indicator of the quality of Mediterranean farmland. Medium in size, it has a wingspan of 66 to 73 cm. It is migratory, leaving its breeding sites at the end of August to winter in Africa south of the Sahara. The birds return to their nesting sites in late April. They feed mainly on insects.

Conservation objectives

The Roller is victim to the destruction of its breeding habitats as well as the reduction of its food resources due to the use of pesticides. 

Reproduction periode

May to July


> Changing agricultural practices (intensive farming, pesticides, etc.)

> Destruction of natural habitat and nesting sites (dead trees, hedgerows, etc.)

> Use of pesticides (poisoning of food)