The Ortolan Bunting occupies various open habitats with perches: steppes, diversified traditional cultivated land (vineyards, meadows …), dry grassland, scrubland (“garrigue”). Small in  size, it has a wingspan of 17 cm. This migratory passerine arrives in France (mainly in the south-east of the country) in late April/early May.   Migration to Africa starts at the end of August. It feeds on seeds, insects, earthworms, spiders …

Conservation objectives

Its sharp decline in France and  throughout Europe began in the 1960s. In the PACA region it occurs in small and variable numbers  in the different departments.

Reproduction periode

May to July


> Poaching

> Declining food supply due to gradual loss of open habitats

 > Destruction of natural habitat due to urban development)

> Use of pesticides (poisoning of food)

> Disturbance or even destruction of nests (close to the ground) by walkers, cyclists, vehicles, dogs off the leash…