The Woodlark needs grassland and open habitats surrounded by trees, on which it likes to perch. It can therefore be seen in areas with hedgerows, heath- and scrubland or dry grassland. Small in size, it has a wingspan of 30 cm. It is a sedentary species, feeding mainly on insects and spiders during the breeding season. In autumn and winter it is reliant on grains and seeds.

Conservation objectives

The Woodlark has declined due to intensive farming on the one hand and abandonment of farmland on the other. But the PACA region still harbours a few thousand pairs. Due to the lack of effective monitoring, its decline cannot be quantified.

Reproduction periode

February to June


> Declining food supply due to gradual loss of open habitats

> Destruction of natural habitat (forests)

> Changing farming practices (loss of food sources, e.g. insects)   

> Disturbance or even destruction of nests (on the ground) by walkers, cyclists, vehicles, dogs

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